About the madness

So what’s this all about? Something about a topless monkey, right? Well, monkeys are generally topless, so chill. Except for those capuchins who wear the vest and collect money for the organ grinder. Deal with it.

Actually, this is about what it’s like for two people to get into an unnecessarily vulgar car (which may run really fast, or not run at all) and blaze their way around the planet, reporting as they go.  You can follow along the way, live vicariously, be jealous… cheer us on!  We only hope that you enjoy the craziness!

So sit back, grab some rum, ’cause beer is for suckers, and throw tomatoes at your PC.  Why would you do that?  Beats me.  It’s YOUR computer.



Other bits worth mentioning:

Unless otherwise stated, all photos and articles on the site are the sole property of the authors, all rights reserved, yada yada yada.  If you want to use them, let us know, and we’ll probably be cool with it, because we’re cool people.  But don’t just go taking them without permission.  That would be most uncool, and would make baby dolphins cry.  You wouldn’t want that, would you?

Write something fun!

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