The ‘Zoundsmobile

The epitome of what American muscle is all about… fast, cheap, and unreliable!  It’ll beat most Lamborghinis on the road today… if the transmission holds together.  If not, pass the duct tape and we’ll have a go at it just the same.  This Redneck Ferrari started life on an assembly line in Canada, and has spent its past several months prior to it’s European arrival in numerous speed shops of varying skill level being transformed into a Frankenstein’s monster of automobile awesomeness.  Now, you too can own your very own original, one of a kind 5.7 liter supercharged 550 horsepower ‘Zoundsmobile complete with working pop-up lights (very rare, and no longer legal)!  First 50,000 Euros takes it!  (And in case you had to ask: No! It’s not worth that much!)  Did I mention the electric cutouts?  If you don’t know what those are, then you REALLY need to buy this car.  Get it away from us before we wrap it around a tree, will you?

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