Two AC Cobras on the way to Stenay, France.So now that the ‘Zoundsmobile has FINALLY arrived, we set off—running open headers, of course—rattling the milk out of every cow in the French countryside of Lorraine.  On the road, we ran into a couple of AC Cobras and decided to show them what American Muscle is all about.  Stand back, silly Brits with your Mustang engines!  Wait.. why are they pulling away (without acknowledging our presence in the least)?  Oh yeah.  We’re still in that damn VW Golf.  Top Down Time needs a hug. 😦

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Lille clocktower, as seen through narrow streets,
After our week in Brugesnyland, we were ready for something a little more real! The heir to the Goodrich tire company had told us that Lille was a gritty town, so off to France we went! Only an hour’s drive from our prior destination, the ‘Zoundsmobile made record time. 550 topless horsepower worth of red and silver blur roaring their way across the… wait… no… actually, the hobbled beast was still stuck on a boat, somewhere between Atlanta and Nova Scotia. But that mattered not, as we had the fortune to rent an absolutely KILLER Volkswagon with a whopping 1.2 liter engine. Take that, America! How ya gonna beat that? Huh? Huh?  Continue reading