Seed selling display on a bell gable stand.Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Amsterdam… where to start. Well, let’s just sum it all up and say that this city, as lovely as it is, just didn’t live up to the ‘party’ hype. Don’t get us wrong: we had a great time. But this disjointed town, sitting several meters below sea-level, and named after the dam built on the river Amstel (which was, itself, named after the light version of Heineken), has a bit too much and a bit too little going on. Whatever do we mean? Who knows? We’re suffering from not a small bit of hypoxia on our way to pick up the third member of the crew, that still-missing beast of a ride which would teach normal folk to be happy with what they have, but, of course, has no effect on Top Down Timers.  And the photo you’re looking at?  We included it to show you something VERY common in Amsterdam which you’ll read more about later in the article:  a bell gable!!!  Yes!  It’s what we came to this city to see, for sure.

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